It is very possible to misunderstand or confuse one digital product with another in this digital world where many similar products are available. There are a number of benefits available to Apple users through the iTunes Store vs Apple Store, including a variety of digital content, hardware, and gadgets. Having an iTunes Card or an Apple Store Card with a sufficient balance is required in order to access or purchase from the Apple Store or the iTunes Store.

There is a difference between Apple Store Gift Cards vs iTunes Gift Cards, though many people assume they are the same because they’re both stores for Apple devices.┬áIn this article, we will show you the differences between Apple Cards and iTunes Gift Cards. Firstly, let’s talk about the difference between an Apple Card and an iTunes Gift Card.

What Is An Apple Card?

It’s a credit card you can use to buy goods and services at the Apple Store. You can buy anything from an Apple Store with it.

Apple gift cards can be used at any Apple store to buy iPhones, iPods, MacBooks, and other Apple products. There are two kinds of Apple Cards: physical cards and e-codes. The denominations normally range from $5 to $200.

What Is An iTunes Gift Card?

An iTunes Gift Card is a pre-paid credit card that you can use to buy Apple’s digital services. It provides access to all of Apple’s media, including the iTunes Store. As a result, you will be able to access Apple’s online store, where you will be able to buy music, movies, apps, software, and other services. Apple’s virtual products and services can only be purchased using iTunes Gift Cards. It is not possible to use them to purchase physical hardware or accessories.

Normally, it comes in two formats, the physical form and the E-code format, with denominations ranging from $5 to $200.

Apple Card Vs iTunes Gift Card

In spite of the fact that both of these gift cards are issued and owned by the same company, that is, Apple, they differ in some significant ways, namely;

  1. The Apple Card can be used both in-store and online, while the iTunes Gift Card can only be used online.
  2. The iTunes Gift Card can only be used to purchase digital content from the iTunes Store, including music, apps, movies, and software, as opposed to Apple Cards that can be used only to purchase Apple hardware such as iPhones, iPods etc.

Now that you know what the differences between these cards are, you might make a better decision based on what you need specifically and the limitations they have.

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